About Us



SkillsHub was born with a mission to make learning simple by building an online platform that encourages learning, skills mastery and knowledge sharing. Through the platform, users are allowing to select the relevant courses from the training providers with reduced times and procedures.






SkillsHub aims to become the preferred platform for training with a sight in the international market to bridge up the gap for the job mismatch and impact individual positively with the possibilities of them to get out of poverty or/and to move up the next higher level for their personal development.




What we value

Simple Grow Security
We are obsessed with making everything simple
We are keen to impact your life positively and grow together with you in your lifelong learning journey
We are concern about the data and have took extra precaution to protect it








The whole process to start and continue the lifelong learning journey should be simplified. The team behind SkillsHub has personally experienced the difficulties to find a course to attend and understood the frustration which has discouraged us to learn. Our founder has also met thousands of companies through his previous job and most of them have highlighted similar experience too. Since then, the team has conducted extensive research and explored various ways to redefine the whole mechanisms which has led to the development of this platform. With this platform, we are no longer require to search through the extensive list of courses repeatedly and end up still unable to find the course that we are keen to attend. We will also be more equipped to make both informal and formal decision on which training to attend and which training provider to engage.





With SkillsHub, finding a course to learn has never been so simple before.

* SkillsHub is not affiliated with SkillsFuture and any government agency

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